Little Bird You Are Perfect
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About Little Bird

Little Bird awakens to a perfect day. It is going to be his first real taste of the real world and he is so excited! What he finds during his adventure, is something entirely different. His excitement about his perfect day turns to sadness when he realizes that he is different from all of the other birds he encounters and is reminded of his differences by a group of more grown up birds who teased him. A visit by Native American Sorceress Kanka, changes Little Bird’s outlook on himself as he gazes into the pools of her eyes and he sees himself as the Great Spirit sees him, perfect in every way! Just like Little Bird, YOU are perfect too!
A healing book for adults and a positive affirmation fairy-tale for children, Little Bird captures the positive nature of children everywhere. Shelley Joy believes that there is a bit of “Little Bird” in each of us, and that there are times that we doubt our own perfection that we are the best “me” we can be based on others’ perception of who we are, making this enchanting children’s tale, a classic for children of all ages.

Renowned licensed psychologist and certified psychoanalyst Dr. Deborah Serani, pronounces Little Bird, “…a great, sweet wonderful book. I love your message. And the illustrations are very beautiful. I just ordered another one to give to my niece for Christmas.”

A frequent go-to expert, providing insight on a variety of psychological subjects for numerous media outlets, Dr. Serani’s interviews can be found in Psychology Today, Newsday, The Chicago Sun Times, Glamour Magazine The Associated Press, and affiliate radio programs at CBS and NPR. Dr. Serani has also worked as a technical advisor for the NBC television show Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.

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